a journey

I cannot imagine being anything other than a chiropractor. I have been many other things in my life and they have all led me to where I am today. Being a chiropractor is how I connect with my community, how I share my experiences with those who fill my life and how I offer help and healing my patients. I am the father of three wonderful children who teach me more than I can ever teach them. The same is true for the people who come into my life as patients. We all walk a path together. Ours is one of healing and learning. What a great path it is.

My post-secondary education began when I moved from my hometown just outside of St. Louis to attend Bradley University. I started my freshman year as a pre-med student but eventually changed my major to developmental and clinical psychology. Upon graduation, I worked with adults with developmental disabilities and mental illnesses, coordinating their care plans and advocating for their rights. While it was rewarding, it was not my calling. Eventually, the expiration date arrived and a change was imminent.

So, what next? Well, when you know something is right, it hits you so hard and is so clear and there is no denying it. I realized that my heart, mind and soul are meant to be focused on 2 things: raising my children and being the best healer I can be. So, in 1999, I began studies at Logan College of Chiropractic. I was on a mission.

Today, when someone walks into my office with back pain, they are usually surprised when they learn that I am a chiropractic patient myself. I have a condition that went undiagnosed until 199x, when a chiropractor discovered that my spine is completely fractured. My patients look at me with disbelief when they hear that I am an avid tennis player, cyclist and white water kayaker. Chiropractic is the reason. So when those patients come in and I tell them I know what it is like to have back pain so bad that you cannot walk, cannot sit and cannot stand together with what to do to take make it better, I know what I am talking about because I live it also.